Well worth the wait!!

Jockeys are you ready?

The resident and staff spent the best part of two weeks making huge paper flowers for our much anticipated “race day”. These were to adorn the Marquis erected by the ever-willing maintenance team. In addition, one anonymous member of staff (a huge thank you Marion) made 5 fantastic hobby horses which were absolute works of art. Now our stable of jockeys (staff) had something to race round on!

These new race machines inspired our jockeys (Bev, Debbie, Lucy, Marion, Morag and Louise) to adorn silks which were begged, borrowed and hopefully not stolen. They all looked the part!

Unfortunately, it all wasn’t to be. The weather decided to play its part and it was decided to postpone proceedings for a few days. However, it was well worth the wait. The weather provided the hottest day of the year. After a horsey quiz at lunch time the residents retired to the panelled lounge where they thoroughly enjoyed an early afternoon race event . They noisily watched race DVDs whilst trying to select the winners-prizes were to be had! Finally, the residents took shelter from the sun in the open marquis whilst drinking Pimms and eating cakes. The staff provided the entertainment by running around the garden donning their silks on their new steeds. Life just doesn’t get better than this!