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Holbrook Hall Residential Care and Covid 19

As of the 17th of May 2021, there have been some changes to the regulations relating to care home visits and outside trips. After taking advice from the local director of Public Health, it has been confirmed that the residents of Holbrook Hall may not only receive guests but also take outside trips without the need for them to isolate for 14 days. Below are the conditions set by Public Health England for both visits to the home and outside trips with our residents: -

Care Home Visits

Holbrook Hall actively supports and encourages prebooked visits to the home, to boost the well-being of our residents. We offer visits through one of our two visiting pods, window visits and socially distanced outdoor visits. If there is a covid outbreak, no visits will be allowed unless there are exceptional circumstances. End of life visits are always welcomed.

Regarding visits within the home, the following conditions are a prerequisite.

  • Any visitor must be one of the five nominated by the resident. When visiting the home each visitor must wear PPE and minimise physical contact. All infection control measures should be adhered to.
  • Upto two visitors are allowed in the home and they must be tested negative for COVID-19 using rapid lateral flow tests before entering the home at each visit.

Vaccination of residents or visitors is not a condition of visiting, but the government strongly recommends that all visitors and residents take the opportunity to be vaccinated when they are invited to do so.

Outside Trips

  • All visits must be prebooked with our Office.
  • The number of nominated visitors has increased to 5, which need to be agreed with our residents and provided to the office for our records. Residents may be accompanied by up to 2 of their 5 nominated visitors.
  • For outside trips, the visitor will require to undertake a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Covid-19 test which takes 30 minutes and negative results are obviously a precondition of the visit taking place along with the completion of a Covid Screening Questionnaire.
  • Outside trips, should take place solely outdoors, except for the use of toilet facilities. There should be no visits to indoor spaces, whether public or private. The only exception is for medical appointments and 'day centres'.
  • PPE, social distancing and good hand hygiene are essential.
  • Public transport cannot be used and car journeys must be kept to an absolute minimum, with 15minutes being the maximum permissible. During the journey window should be lowered to provide good ventilation.
  • On return to Holbrook Hall, our resident will require to shower and change their clothes.

These new visiting regulations are a step in the right direction and provided that infection levels continue to decline, the government has indicated that there will be further relaxation in the conditions of visits.