Holbrook Hall Residential Care and Covid 19

At Holbrook Hall we continue to make the welfare of our residents and colleagues our very highest priority. With this in mind on the 12th March 2020, Holbrook Hall was one of the first care homes that took the pre-emptive measure of stopping all non-essential routine visits. The U.K. went into full lockdown on the 23rd March 2020.

We have always had robust infection control policies in place but are also guided by our local health partners and the latest government recommendations. We endeavour to follow best practice to keep Holbrook Hall, Covid-19 free.

Care in the home

In order to keep our staff and residents safe, the management at Holbrook Hall have acted very early to ensure we have adequate levels of PPE. As a result, we have good supplies of the various types of PPE that might be needed in different scenarios. We have also had an invaluable contribution from both our own staff and the local community in producing face masks, visors and protective gowns. A huge thank you to them!! Staff training is continual to ensure optimal use.

With non-essential visits banned, we recognised that the biggest risk to the residents and staff are the staff themselves and visiting health professionals. As a result, all members of staff have been wearing surgical face masks in the workplace since early April 2020 and this will continue to be the case until the perceived risk levels have been minimised.

Further safety measures that have been taken include:

  • Employing extra staff, should they be needed to help as back up in the case of staff isolation.
  • Increased sanitising stations throughout the home.
  • Robust disinfecting activities during every shift.
  • Promoting social distancing of both staff and residents.
  • Working with key suppliers to ensure safe delivery and handling of their products. Products are sanitised before entering the premises and in some cases additionally quarantined.
  • Ensuring the home has a good inventory of sanitising and cleaning products.
  • Giving staff PPE to wear outside the workplace

However, the resident's mental well-being is also recognised as being extremely important during this isolation period. With this in mind we have ensured that there is a varied activities programme in place.

Communication with loved ones

We recognise how difficult this period is for residents and friends and families alike and have purchased new hardware in order that the residents can see their loved ones via Facetime/ Skype or WhatsApp.

We have also purchased new phones with a greater range to aid communication.

In addition, we have been emailing newsletters to keep families abreast of the latest news.

Families can be rest assured that they will be contacted immediately with any relevant news about loved ones and that visits will be facilitated when necessary on compassionate grounds.

New Care Admissions

We are very much aware that there are people in our community who might feel vulnerable and lonely because of self-isolation. Furthermore, family members may have certain anxieties about their loved ones being left alone. Please do not hesitate to contact the office to enquire about vacancies.